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i'm the first to post on charlie and the chocolate factory!!! i know this isn't a tim burton community, but man... that movie was in the classic burton style...the only thing i didn't like was the computer duplication on the oompa loompas... and on the subject of oompa loompas... danny elfman wrote and sang the oompa loompa sooooooongs!!! there was like an 80 british disco-type song... the best was when mike tv turned small... it was like a hair metal rock fest... i think they want me to cream my pants... they had the preview for the corpse bride before charlie and the chocolate factory... woo-hoo!!!
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I can't wait to see both movies. I know they'll both be extraordinary.
Umm... actually, I think Roald Dahl wrote the songs.
Um... They weren't computer duplicated! The actor who played the oompa loompas acted out everything in the movie. So when you see him he actually did that! In the chocolate waterfall, he had to do the same dance number the same way he did if before. He also had to learn how to play the instruments in the Mike Tevee scene and alot more.