Been there, done with that. (gazouiller) wrote in boingo_haven,
Been there, done with that.


Hi, I'm Ashley. Anyway, I've been listening to Oingo Boingo for forever thanks to my Uncle Keith. I remember being a little girl, sitting in his car, and looking at the cover of Dead Man's Party. My favorite songs are, We Close Our Eyes & Good For Your Soul, and my favorite album is Good For Your Soul. I even got my Grandma listening to them, so it's a family thing, I guess.

I have a question. Why were the Nothing To Fear, Good For Your Soul, and Danny's So Lo, so expensive on amazon, ebay, etc... If no one else noticed, Nothing To Fear was going for around $60 - $70, and the other two were going for around $30 - $40. Nothing To Fear & So Lo are now around $6 + shipping, but Good For Your Soul only went down to about $25. They're just CD's and the vinyl was always cheap. It confuses me.
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